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(2019-08-21, 14:23)ThumbOne Wrote: [*]I'd still love it if you showed me how to get images in-line in forum posts here. Bamboozles me why you can do that and I can't find a way ;-)

Simple, you are using the wrong URL. You've been using the URL for the Flickr page containing the image and not the actual image, normally I'd right click on the image to get the image link but it seems Flickr have that disabled, therefore the arrow share icon at bottom musct be used, and from there got to BBcode.

You can either copy and paste the whole of what that gives

[url=https://flic.kr/p/2h23pZo][img]https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48582188252_155b691173_t.jpg[/img][/url][url=https://flic.kr/p/2h23pZo]Kodi Button[/url] by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/]bwechner[/url], on Flickr

which gives ImageKodi Button by bwechner, on Flickr

or you can extract the image URL which in that case is
then use the image button on the post editor (picture landscape type icon) to give


so slightly less spammy.
Please read the wiki if you haven't yet.

Keep in mind that Kodi keeps two separate playlists, one for music and one for video.  These playlists are only for the currently playing media item and any others that are queued for play.  The playlists are shown as UI windows.  The look and feel for them is typically similar to that for browsing the libraries or file systems though skins offer multiple view options and you can select a different view for the playlist windows.  Keep in mind that the UI playlist windows are only for "now playing" (or queued) items.  You can also browse pre-defined playlists in the library windows.

You can assign global shortcuts to open either the music or video playlist window.

You might try some of the other skins in the Kodi repo.

There are separate windows for watching the playing video or song (music item) called full screen video and visualisation respectively.  When either of these windows is active, they have their own overlays of controls (on screen display or OSD) and info (full screen info).

Personally I'm not big on music visualisations but instead use a skin that can display images from the
"artist slideshow" addon (install from Kodi repo as a program addon).

scott s.
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Thanks all round again! Sure have been poking around the wiki! But wasn't aware of different skins yet. Happy to try on. I have no time for music visualisations either, I prefer a static view of the cover art and playing track metadata. On a good jukebox I might also see the previous and next tracks identified subtly on each side.
(2019-08-21, 16:36)jjd-uk Wrote: Which suggest to me you might be using Kodi in a folder/file browsing mode only (which may also be the reason you struggle to find stuff).

Not quite. I'm not even sure what the distinction is. I'm using mostly the phone app Kore. Got a great search bar and I find a song, then use this Music IP script and it adds 74 more tracks to the playlist. Am setting up a dev environment for addons (am adept with Eclipse and PyDev already) and will experiment with that addon and learn from it.

On Kodi proper I'm just goofing around looking at stuff. Trying to work it out and admit struggling with it a tad.

The N key you pointed out is neat! And I'll be looking into `ActivateWindow(MusicPlaylist)` and if the script can call that to perform said action prompting Kodi to do its metadata scan and populate the playlist (which consists just of file paths this script threw on there) to proper entries.
Wowsers, I have been playing around with skins. Awesome, such a range, if time consuming to try them out. But something bizarre happened!

To recap what I've learned of terminology here:
  • TAB takes me tot he Visualisation window and back to where I came from
  • N takes me to playlist and back
That is looking and feeling slick.

On the Visualisation window using the default skin mere hours ago, I was seeing cover art. And I saw cover art on the Kore app, and on the web interface.

Now, a lot of skin trying later, I noticed other skins lacked this. And some oddly, flashed the cover are up then it went away. So I went back to the default skin and ... it's gone. The cover art is no longer show on the Visualisation window! It is visible on the Playlist window.

So TAB and I see the playing song but no cover art, then N and I see the cover art. N again and back to Visualisation window and it's gone. To illustrate:

The Visualisation window:


The Playlist window:

Grrrr. Shit the proverbial brick (sorry for the profanity), but restarting Kodi and they came  back! Something in the process of Skin try outs killed them but a restart fixed it. Heck still, would be nice to understand what went on there!
Grrrr. Grrrr. I stand corrected. The restart has no effect. It turns out on the first song I queue it works. When I add more songs tot he playlist using this script (that someone else wrote):


the second song and on suffer this problem. Cover art visible on the Playlist but not on the Visualisation (Fullscreen playback) screen that TAB takes you to.

Hmmm. And this WAS working a few hours ago before I played skin swappies. I had cover art on the Visualisation (Fullscreen playback) screen for all tracks in the playlist!
Could also relate to one a few addons I added in the process.

I've looked at a debug log and it seems that display is described by MusicVisualisation.xml and I notice it is full of references to script.artistslideshow. Which is an addon I added while playing with skins. Still, I disabled it (can't see a way to removed them) and this behaviour isn't fixed. But methinks clues may lie in MusicVisualisation.xml , moreover given all skins have this (new) problem (that I didn't have hours ago) the commonalities between their xml file and this from the default Estuary skin is likely to hold clues. Hmmm. Such time consuming diagnostics.

I can't help but wonder what the Music Visualisation does that's different to the playlist (MyPlaylist.xml) which sees and renders the cover art fine.
To add to the mystery: the Chorus web interface sees the cover art on its playlist and on it's Now Playing bar at bottom of screen. The Kore phone app sees the cover art in its playlist, but not on he Now Playing view (mirrors Kodi's problem).

All suggests something in Kodi beneath the skin changed, a crappy addon, a changed setting, something that is common to Kore and Kodi, that Chorus doesn't care about, and affects only Now Playing and not PlayList.
OK, I basically moved `~/.kodi` to `~/.kodi (brocken)' and ran Kodi again, and rebuilt my Audio library and stuff and it came good, now I'm see artwork again.

I figured that would be faster than trying to diagnose it further. Bamboozling behaviour that seems to be generated by one of the skins or addons I tried in a flurry of testing things out. So now I copied `~/.kodi` to `~/.kodi (good)` and can experiment onwards knowing I can fall back.

Top suspicion remains that it relates to the ArtSlideShow addon. But I won't know until I try again, I'm actually enjoying just listening to some music first ;-)
All artist slideshow does is download images to a local folder and then sets a window property on the visualisation window that the skin can use to find and display the images.  It's entirely up to the skin to look at that property value and do something with it.

If you turn on debug logging and look at the kodi log after the problem occurs you might see an error logged that points you in the direction of the problem.  Upload the log to a pastebin site and link to it in a reply and I can take a look at it too.

scott s.
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