Ability to skin or configure actor/director search results
I really love the ability in Kodi to click on an actor or director and see a list of their movies.  But there are some changes that i would like to see.  I suspect that the changes i'd like are different than what other people would want, so it would be really great if it were possible to configure the search results pop-up (via skinning or otherwise).  Some of the things i'd like to see:
  • Rename the pop-up to list the name of the person you clicked on instead of the generic "Search Results" title.  Often i click through everyone in a movie and sometimes forget who i'm looking at.
  • List the results chronologically instead of alphabetically.  This would give it a feel more like what you see on IMDb or Wikipedia.
  • Have the option of integrating the Movie, TV, and Episode results.  I want to see a chronological listing of all an actor's appearances, regardless of the medium (again, similar to IMDb).
  • Suppress listings for Episodes when the actor already appears in the TV Show (see this post for more about that)
  • Display the Role in the results list.  (Director could count as a Role or there could be some other indicator for director)(and/or have separate searches for actor and director).
  • In general, allow configuring of what fields appear in the search.  Personally i don't need to see Watched status.  Maybe i'd like to see Genre or Studio or something like that.

The metadata in Kodi is really awesome and the actor/director search allows you to have your own personal IMDb, which is really powerful.  I think the changes like the above would make it even better.  I wish there was a way i could make (some of?) the changes myself in a skin, but it doesn't seem possible.
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Ability to skin or configure actor/director search results00