Minimal Raspberry Pi server setup
(2019-08-21, 15:52)mcelliott Wrote: Let's see if this works!

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I have had one sort of home theatre setup or another for probably 15 years. I started out using something called ShowShifter, tried Windows Media Center, used MediaPortal for many years and then moved to Kodi. I've always wanted the ability to play/record OTA TV, so TV tuners are an integral part of my setup.

I've had various full-size tower PCs with multiple hard drives to store media, run internal PCI TV tuner cards, etc. For my client systems, these have often been expensive PCs in even more expensive HTPC cases (Antec, Moneual).

Wow, how things have changed!

My 'server' is now a Raspberry Pi 4 running the latest alpha of LibreElec (pretty solid!). I have three 'XBox One' TV tuners, all connected to a signal booster. I'll be tidying the cables some more pretty soon.

All the media (including TV timeshifting and recording) is stored on a Buffalo NAS, which runs nice and cool. Other client systems dotted round the house connect to it using Kodi.

Everything is linked up using powerline networking and a network switch.

Oh, and there's an AppleTV thrown in there for Netflix, etc.

All in one cabinet, drawing minimal power and nice and tidy.

Ideas for improvement?

Best wishes,

when you say "other clients around the house connect to it via kodi " do you mean with MySQL ( something that I have never quite been able to figure out) or simple  SMB sharing to populate libraries ?
 I use SMB for various boxes and sticks , but like you I have apple tv box in the lounge ( its the dogs bollox for streaming imo) and to get my libraries on there from my server I use plex, I suppose I could try the legal kodi skin/build for apple I forget the name , but its not a particularly attractive skin imo and of course its severely restricted regarding what you can add to it ( although I don't need/use any 3rd party movie/tv addons).

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