Understanding the Kore Remote buttons
This is frustrating me. I've been searching on-line for far too long and find guide after guide that covers every detail of gettiing Kore to work with Kodi you cna imagine but then makes no mention of these buttons.

The FAQ on this forum is somewhat dated as we're all (not?) using Kodi 18.3 now and it talks of 17 and 16.

The intro page shows images that do not look like the Kore app currently on the Play Store either.

What those images do show is presumable an older version where the four satellite buttons around the arrow cluster have text names.: Codec, Info, Back, Menu.

In modern Kore these are icons:


There is no help in the app as to what any of these do. So I'm left guessing. By watching the Kodi screen as I press them I'm happy that:
  • Up, Down, Left and Right arrows do the obvious, navigate around.
  • The middle button amounts to a select or left mouse-button click more or less.
  • The lower left is akin to Back or ESC
  • The top right shows an Information page
  • The top left sometimes shows a pop up menu
  • The bottom right on the Visualisation window (Now playing... on Audio) shows the controls menu and hides it.
But I'd love to see these defined somewhere I find the top left and bottom right especially inconsistent and perplexing.
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Understanding the Kore Remote buttons00