Orphaned tracks and duplicated albums
 I'm  experiencing an odd issue with my music library which hopefully someone could  help me with ?
ive got my music stored on my NAS and fixed some of the  tags  using  Music brainz  itsstored in a Artist / Album name structure which I  belive is correct  but I scanned the library in on  one of my NvidiaShields which is   running 18.3  and notced that  a few albums seem to  appear  twice and when  I  browse them i  notice that  the first instance would  list the majority of the tracks and the  second copy seemsto have just  a couple or few of the tracks which somehow seemed to have been 'orphaned' by the scrape. all the tracks are correct in the  album folder on my NAS so  no idea why it woud be  splitting them like this. Any  ideas or help  would beappreciated.
My guess would be that some of the music files are not tagged with the same (or consistent) mbid tags as the the others on that album. Kodi would see that as two different albums.

The folder location and naiming does not matter, Kodi uses the tags to identify artists and albums.

What you need to to is re-tag all the music files consistently using Picard. You said "fixed some of the  tags  using  Music brainz", you need to tag all the the music files from an album not just some of them

@Romipat I'm going to split these posts and move to the Music support subforum rather than clutter up a "tips" thread
Thanks DaveBlake   just to clarify re the some comment  after  my initial scrape I  noted  which albums were  displaying as unknown  so pulled  just those into musicBrainz to look up  and save tags for those.
OK, so you scanned files into the library, used Picard to edit the tags of all the files from the albums that had issues, then updated the library?

There could be some confusion in library entries depending on what was wrong with the tagging in the first place. It could be best to empty the library (remove the source and do a deep clean from system>settings>media> scrolling down to the music library section off the bottom of the screen) and populate it afresh.

Or you could have left old tags (odd formats etc) depending on the Picard settings you used, that could upset things. It really all depends how much a mess these files were in to begin with, and how well you fixed them.
I do a lot of manual tagging, and "orphaned" tracks is a good way to do quality assurance on your tagging.

scott s.
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