Standard playlists - don't play next item automatically
Is there a way to instruct Kodi to never autoplay the next video item, globally?

I've run across a peculiar problem in my Kodi setup where even with "play next video automatically" turned off in the settings, standard playlists like M3Us will still continue to play after a video in the list is finished. Smart playlists will do as instructed, but standard playlists will be treated by this what appears to be system default behaviour.

I'm wondering if there is a way to override this default behaviour, perhaps in the advancedsettings file?
I don't think so as that is what they are mean to do.
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Thanks for your reply, @Karellen -- I appreciate it. It's not quite right (actually, not at all right) to say that's what they're meant to do, though. M3Us don't specify how their content should be played. They contain a list of media sources/files to play. It's up to the media player (and its user settings) to determine how the content should be played.

More flexible media players usually allow the user to set playback so that when a video finishes playing, the user will be returned to the playlist instead of being automatically advanced to the next video. Kodi has such a setting, too, but for some peculiar reason it only applies to its smart playlists. I don't understand why the same feature wasn't implemented for standard playlists as well. Or perhaps it was, in some way, and we're just not aware of it?

It would make sense... That's what I'm hoping for, anyway...
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