Get Skin Name via a Tag
Howdy all.

Does anyone know if there is a way to return the currently running skin name as a tag? Emphasis on currently running. Despite being quite adept and combing through the InfoLabels on the wiki, I can't find what I'm looking for.

To provide more context, my main joy in skinning for Kodi is making game views and currently I work on a derivative of the Mimic skin called Lyrebird. As skin to skin, game views are few and far between and certainly don't cover how diverse range of possibilities with all the different systems available I was interested in starting a sister project which essentially would be semi skin agnostic mod pack (supporting a certain batch of popular or appropriate skins) that could adjust what textures, fonts, borders, and the like are used by variables that check what skin is running.

This way I can offer my views to a much larger audience and it would be kind of neat to be able to focus on the area of skinning I enjoy best.
Not possible from the skin side of things. You can get a system boolean with System.GetBool() but not a system string.
While not possible using default infolabels you could use script.embuary.helper

On a window you know is going to open first place:-

Then you can access the skin name using:-

@jurialmunkey @roidy 

Fair enough, appreciate the information regardless, lads. Smile

Have an upvote in thanks.
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