Help needed to configure Videomate receiver with NextPVR
Please could I be pointed to a layman's guide to linking my Videomate S800/E750 through NextPVR to Kodi? (I think that's what I want to do).

I have been happlily watching TV through WMC for ten years but knew this would end when I upgraded to Win10.

I have downloaded Kodi and added NextPVR, but all I get is the arrow going round and "PVR manager is starting up: 0%", and "Add-on couldn't be loaded. An unknown error has occurred".

Is everything working if you try it in NPVR? If not, you probably need to get that working first.  Assuming it is working in NPVR, check the settings for the PVR addon and make sure you've told the addon the IP address of the NPVR setup.  Go to SYSTEM > ADD-ONS > MY ADDONS > PVR CLIENTS.  Hightlight the NextPVR client (it might be the only one listed) and hit the 'c' key to bring up the context menu. From there click SETTINGS.  The NextPVR host name needs to be the IP address of the computer on which NPVR is running (if Kodi and NPVR are on the same machine you can use You should be able to leave the port at 8866, and then you need to put in whatever 4 digit code you set in NPVR for web access (it's honestly been so long since I set that I'm not sure where that gets set in NPVR).

If none of that helps we'd probably need to see some debug logs.
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Help needed to configure Videomate receiver with NextPVR00