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Dear all

I really need your help here.

I have purchased a iptv from a provider, who offers a wide range of tv channels for a reasonable price.

I have the this running on a raspberry pie 3, with the latest versions of both kodi and iptv simple client.

I have been working without any issues since start of the year, but now on restart, the channels will not load on startup.

It have always repply with the message on startup that xxxx nr. Of channels are loaded, then within a few minutes, of loading channel message in top right hand corner, the channels have been loaded.

Now it is not showing that xxxx no of channels is no channels being loaded. And I have tried all possible things.
Only if I correct one no. Or letter in the M3U url sting in the iptv client, and when the box says I will restart, after the url change, I power it off and on again. Then on first restart after that, the channels are loaded, but not the following restart.

Any ideas? Please
And I'm still finding new things here. If I use libre elec v9.1.02 Kodi 19.3 and iptvsimple client 8.4 nothing is working, not even after restart. With older kodi version 18.1 and iptv version 8.3 it is loading channels after reboot.
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