Kodi logging alarm clock? Can’t find
I’m not sure why kodi is starting up an alarm clock I never installed. Keeps running it over and over. How can I find how to delete this? It says
Alarm clock
Started, alarm in 0m
Your postage stamp sized image is impossible to read.

If the image is on your computer, then use button 19.
If the image has already been uploaded to a public image hosting site, right click the image and select Copy image location then use button 14 and paste the link
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fixed that for you :-)

and moved out of the dev section...
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That's nothing bad.
titan uses kodi internal alarm clock to perform some 'actions' (autotrailer, auto show plot, set propertys...) which are needed for the skin.

its common method for custom 'actions' in skins.

Also you cannot deinstall the alarm clock, its part of kodi itself.
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Kodi logging alarm clock? Can’t find00