Is it possible to Query all artists to refresh local information?

Leia 18.3 on Windows and Android with local music source.

Some artists' information is not picked up from my artist.nfo files.  If I select an artist, information and refresh then click No when I get the prompt that local info is found and do I want to replace with info from internet the artist info is populated from my local nfo file correctly.  I know this because if I add a random word to the artist.nfo in the appropriate artist folder under my 'Artist information folder' I see the random word appear.

If I do Query all info the missing artists' info is not populated.  I have also tried a rescan to no avail.

Is it possible to a Query all that uses my local nfo files rather than the default scraper?

Hope you followed my ramblings ;o)

Many TIA
I follow completely Smile

Unfortunately Kodi does not (yet) have an obvious batch re-scrape facility. As you describe you can do it one item at a time from the music ifo dialog, but hey so tedious. "Query info for all" looks for information for all those items that have not been scraped succesfully before. If things have not been scraped before, then even if you have a  online scraper setup it will use nfo files whenever it finds them.

So your problem is getting Kodi to rescrape previously scraped things without doing it one item at a time. One trick you can try, and I don't have time to try it myself just now so working from memory and that can be faulty, is to pretend to change the information provider settings from the context menu (you don't have to actually enter new settings) but pick to apply the settings to all the items shown. Do this on the artists node, or if you like filter artists from genre > artists or a smart playlist just to do some. It then prompts to requery for all, and say yes. It will pick up nfo when it finds them.

Failing that there is always a direct db edit (often not so easy on Android devices) and clear the lastscaped field back to null. But try the information provider on context menu route first.
Sounds promising, I'll try when home. Thanks!
@DaveBlake you are a star!  Everything now populated.

For anyone else having this problem here's what I did with Dave's help:

pick an artist, context menu, Change information provider, change to 'Set for all artists shown', change 'Artist information provider' to 'Local information only', OK, select yes when asked 'Use this information provider for all the artists shown here?' and yes when asked if you want to refresh this information now.  A short while later and Bingo!

Happy bunny!  Rofl
It is ironic, I have just realised that I had actually created a batch update method when I fixed the change of info provider on context menu (it was an old feature that didn't work) but forgotten. Doh! Going to edit my post.

It still doesn't change art if the item already has art though.

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Is it possible to Query all artists to refresh local information?0
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