Music Artist NFO Tags - Wiki Different from Export
(2019-08-31, 05:03)Karellen Wrote: Ok, that explains it. The nfo files you created did not use the correct tags.
The NFO file I created is based on the template, table of tags and sample on the Wiki page, which were copied and pasted, and not altered. You can see it in the first code fragment in my original post. Those tags are correct. All I did was insert values between them. And this NFO file has not been imported. Just worked on in a text editor.
(2019-08-31, 05:03)Karellen Wrote: If you don't mind me saying so, you are wasting your time adding artwork tags in an nfo file for local artwork. Kodi will ignore them anyway because you have local artwork.
Okay. Understood. I was just going by the Wiki sample, which includes the THUMB and FANART tags. And the Wiki table specifies: "Importing will also accept paths to local art files which can subsequently be exported." Sorry for wasting my time, but I'm just trying to fathom the Wiki and learn here.
(2019-08-31, 05:03)Karellen Wrote: All you need to do is name your artwork correctly, place them in the correct location and Kodi will find them.
I do have all my artwork named correctly and set up in an artist info folder. I was simply looking into adding Artist.NFO files as well for finer control (as the Wiki details).
(2019-08-31, 05:03)Karellen Wrote: I assume you are using the template on the wiki page? No need to add anything extra to it.
Yes, the template, table of tags and sample from the Wiki's Music NFO page. Nothing extra was added.
(2019-08-31, 05:03)Karellen Wrote: Also, that export in your first post, where is that from? - Single file export or nfo file? I don't recall seeing those tags in an export.
The export is single file from Kodi. And, again, your question is my question. What are those tags (the second code fragment from original post) and why are they different from what is in the Wiki? I did not put them there.

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