Using Kodi as a "digital picture frame"
Hello everybody,

I'm not sure if I just haven't found the appropriate add-on/setting yet or if there is just not a solution for my usecase at all.
I have all of my pictures and videos on my NAS sorted by year and vacation etc. -> e.g. "2018 USA", "2017 Croatia",...

Now I'd like to run them as a slideshow on my wall-mounted TV. The requirements are:
1) Select the NAS as source
2) Show all pictures and videos in a random order -> picture from "2018 USA", picture from "2017 Croatia", video from "2017 Croatia",...
3) display the foldername somewhere to see, where the picture was taken
4) No pan, zoom, slide whatsoever, just one picture/videos after the other

I have tried:
1) "Picture slideshow screensaver", which does almost everything I want except for video playback (only pictures!).
2) Built in recursive slideshow -> no foldername and pan/zoom effects I cannot control

Do you have an idea, how to find the perfect solution for my requirements? 

Thank you! Christian
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Using Kodi as a "digital picture frame"00