No video with 4K HECV mkv files (Win10)
I recently updated my system to support 4K resolutions (used to have a Darbee scaler between my PC and receiver, but it will not pass HDCP 2.0). Playback works with audio video is displayed. For reference, I do use PowerDVD 17 for bluray ISOs and Kodi for the rest of my local media (mpeg2, mp4, mkv). Haven't had this issue with 1080P/H264 mkv's, so this is a new issue. FWIW, playback of the 4K mkv works with PowerDVD and Windows 10 Movies/TV app.

Thanks for any assistance. Logfile uploaded here: mihuvexago (paste)
Some additional findings.
I previously had DXVA2 enabled. If I disable DXVA2, video and audio work with HEVC files. Video card is a GTX1060, with drivers 425.31 since they're the last to support 3D for blu ray. As I mentioned before, the videos do play as expected in PowerDVD (updated to 19 now) with HW acceleration enabled, so I'm not sure why they won't with Kodi and HW enabled.

Any help would be appreciated.
Odd issue, maybe try a portable installation?  You may get a little more assistance on the Windows support forum
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No video with 4K HECV mkv files (Win10)00