Playback issues on v18+
Issues with playback since upgrading to 18+

I have a minix neu-u1 box and Version 17.6 had been working fine.

On some files which can be random avi, mp4, mkv etc I have an issue that after 15-30min, the video all of a sudden starts going in fast forward but audio remains going as normal, if I press left then it all goes back to normal for another 15-30 mins, I have tried all versions of 18 and have this issue, I have re-installed 17.6 and issue has gone.

I have seen various reports but no definitive answer , as I only use my box via a remote I do not have keyboard for it and trying to get any logs etc would be a pain and I am unsure n how to do that so unfortunately this is more of a FYI

Old box Mini Neo U1

I have got a new box, Minix Neo U9-H and have exactly same issue with any version of Kodi v18 including 18.4 but if use 17.6 I have no issues with play back, could this be an issues with AmLogic based boxes?

I have tried a Clean install and a Upgrade from 17.6 install
Maybe I should mention these are all files played over network from a NAS box
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