Profiles and library problems kodi18
hi, used to have two profiles with one for kids, and just used special folder for kids and animated movies but now the kids are little older i wanted to add some adventure movies and such, but now when i try and i even installed again and made two new profiles other then master profile but they can't seem to scan my folders on my NAS right, for example i only scanned Ninja turtles old tv show and when i let the library scan it, it shows some completely different tv show and it only happens on these profiles, all works fine with master profile. very strange
if someone knows what this is or why then please answer, but i could make it work by having the same library as master and then use a skin and the just show animated movies and such but then you have to start kodi twice to make the skin work but i think i have found a fix for that hopefully

thank you
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Profiles and library problems kodi1800