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Are there any features for me to use VLC as the kodi player instead of the current one?
Existem algum recurso para eu usar o VLC como o player do kodi no lugar do atual?


You can define external player via playercorefactory.xml


External_players (wiki)
this model is for me to use I did not understand correctly, but already installed VLC.
esse modelo serve para eu usar eu não entendi direito, mas ja instalei o VLC.

Link: Paste
External players is an advanced feature for users with specific needs.  If you're asking why then you probably do not need to use this feature.

I use it to call an external player (MPC-HC) to handle HDR material for example

If everything is working well then you dont need to use external players and Kodi's internal renderer will do fine... or to put it another way, what feature of VLC do you need that Kodi isn't doing?
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