Broken xbmcvfs timeout
currently i am trying to get data from an ftp server via an addon:
dirs, files = xbmcvfs.listdir("ftp://[user[:password]@]host[:port]/")
where user and password is the authentication for the ftp server

i want to get ALL files that are on the server so i am loop through all directories and storing the files, this works fine but not every times..
these errors occur sometimes:
- Kodi "Freeze" and i need to Kill the Apllication manually
- If there is no freeze than is in the log an timeout(28) notice.

this happens mostly for the first xbmcvfs.listdir Call

.. but why ? the authentication is working and with an normal ftp client i can connect in under 1 second and this never fails

best regards
Did you try to break up the call and see if it times out? i.e. Connect to host first then change to appropriate directory then list all files and directories. It's more lines of code but sometimes "vfs" is slow compared to native Python "os".
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