v18 Is anyone else having problems with Channel 5 HD (UK)?
As per the title, this is the only channel that won't play properly.

It keeps jerking and freezing.

Has anyone else noticed something similar?

I am using the stable version of TVH as my backend.
No problems playing Channel 5 HD for me.
I'm using Kodi 18.3, but using VU+ as my backend.

Has the problem just happened today or has it been doing it for a while?
Thank you for for confirming, Dumyat.

I noticed that a programme that I had on series link, on Channel 5, had not recorded anything (I got a black blank screes on playback) for the last two episodes so I know that the issue has been there for at least two weeks.
Something odd that I noticed last night:

All of my HD channels show "1080", when I press the information button on my remote.

However, 5 HD shows "SD".

This must be part of the problem but am confused what is causing Kodi to think that this channel is in standard definition.
Managed to solve this - I deleted all my bouquets and re-scanned them.

Channel 5 seems back to normal, now.
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Is anyone else having problems with Channel 5 HD (UK)?00