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Possible to set locale for collation?
I was helping a user who can't get his expected title sort in Chinese(simplified) (Kodi calls this Chinese(simple) aka zh_Hans_CN or at least zh_CN per BCP 47).

So looking at Kodi 18.4 on Android 7 phone, it seems you can't set the locale per log:
INFO: CLangInfo: loading resource.language.zh_cn language information...
DEBUG: trying to set locale to zh_CN.UTF-8
INFO: global locale set to C
INFO: CLangInfo: loading resource.language.zh_cn language strings...

Is it not possible to get the locale LC_COLLATE facet from Android, or is this an issue?  (For Chinese users, the preferred sort method is Pinyin but the C locale I think just provides sort in unicode codepoint order which might be OK for western languages but not so much for CJK.)  Is it required to append the ".UTF-8" I was thinking that was a *nix thing?

I did find this on a google issue tracker from 2013:

"Status: Won't Fix (Intended Behavior)
There is no support for locales in the C library / from native code, and this is intentional.
As Elliot pointed out, your only hope is to use JNI to get relevant values.

which I take is the answer, but wanted to confirm.

scott s.
maintainer of skin  Aeon MQ5 mods for post-Gotham Kodi releases:
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