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I had already seen in the forum and already put a long time ago, but today I can not find.
I need an add that shows when the video has two audio or one just give me a light please.
You'll either have to dig deeper into the forum (Google spiders are great, I find the search a bit easier) or I'll move this thread along to feature requests. Personally playing a video and bringing up the subtitle feature shows me the available subs locally. I suppose you could mod the skin for a direct function, but it's not something I would want immediately.
So what I wanted was that when I see all my videos in the file option show all videos that have dual audio in case more than one audio in the same video

There are skins that will display the multiple audio streams. But the movies need to be scraped into the library. It will not work if you use the file option.

Aeon MQ8, Aeon Tajo, and Aura are a few skins that display this information in various ways. The following image is from Aura...

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It was not quite as I had seen, but one that appeared a drawing of the flag of the language of the audo, because when there are two audio seeing so I will not know because I always remove an audio and only leave that of my country
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