Usefull Kodi features
hey ho, first I want to tell that Im using Kodi since 2003 on an original XBOX.

But after all those years there are a few things that despite all the Add-Ons and features are still no where to seen.
1. Channel switch on Live-TV if you know what I mean. Why is there not a Hotkey?
2. an option to easy skip intros on TV-Shows. A Hotkey that I can set the skip time on every TV-Show.
3. Language decide on every TV-Show or Movie on with the Show start. Every Single time Press the Button for changing language on every episode is possible but inconvenient. 

4. GUI Hardware Acceleration on the Raspberry Pi. Please c´mon I´m not a programmer but how hard can it be to use OpenGL standard API?

And an Skin Template that is empty but complete so it is usable and changeable for beginners with now knowledge at all.

So these are mine urgent changes that I wish to come very soon.
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