Please add an adjustable audio normalizer maybe a compressor too, ASIO low latency
Often when upmixing to 5.1 or 7.1 from stereo the levels may change slightly or some songs are kinda louder and more clippy than others, please allow for an adjustable audio normalizer so that people can avoid distortion and clipping sounds.
For an example daum potplayer uses a slightly altered older winamp plugin called tomsteady.
maybe wishful thinking on my part but consider an audio compressor would help with low dynamic range cheap small headphones or TV speakers.
Some other wishful thinking about advanced audio features would be a convolver, because why not? Id previously played with viper4android and saw the convolver featured there to good effect. 

I've a USB headphone amplifier (XDUOO XD-05) which has an XMOS USB chipset built in for the USB communication, which I put a burson audio v5i-d op amp chip in and was previously just using the default windows 10 USB drivers for... but I've realised that on burson audio website there are Xmos drivers download file
which I tried it out and it works with my XDUOO amplifiers XMOS USB and contains TUSB driver application which uses ASIO and allows for me to select low latency modes from  low to standard to 'extra safe'. Playing with the ASIO low latency settings over WASAPI creates a very different feel to the audio.
Since WASAPI works to my pioneer vsx 933 dolby atmos receiver, would it be possible to maybe have ASIO low latency support for my HDMI receiver or for any WASAPI device as an adjustable setting in the audio options? would that work? I'd love it if its possible.
If you aren't sure where to look for ASIO drivers or support I'd check out the TUSB application but there are apps like Foobar2000 which have ASIO plugins and many asus/creative and other brand soundcards allowed for ASIO support, while I understand it would probably be dependant on the hardware supporting it,
however it may also just be a feature of WASAPI and anything that works with WASAPI and has hardware audio and direct passing of audio to the hardware may possibly allow for ASIO low latency adjustment of its WASAPI passthrough? but i'm not very knowledgeable about it as I'm not a software developer.
All of this hardware passthrough stuff and WASAPI was developed as part of the windows media foundation tools for windows vista..
and apparently all your software video decoding and codecs and tweaks are all garbage even the HDR stuff because passing the file without any codecs to MFT straight to the video card on windows 10 makes everything look way better you just cant beat hardware decoding and hardware colour settings for video, I saw a thread requesting ability to disable codecs I believe that this is why they would want it.
I'm mentioning this because I believe the FLAC decoder bundled with the kodi software maybe isn't as good as the default windows 10 one as my other media players don't have a FLAC decoder and say "system default" and I've never installed any flac decoder or codec packs. The MP3 decoder you have bundled seems very good and the AAC decoder similarly good maybe?
it might be that different open source decoders have different volume levels? but ehh either way an option to pass through to the hardware via MFT would be great. I set my audio filters and video filters in daum potplayer to be MFT and the decoder to be system default and windows 10 does a better job of it than all the less good open source stuff and using software and the processor doesn't match dedicated hardware decoding built for 4k 60hz 10bit HDR HEVC for video and the audio's noticeably better with MFT though quieter its got more fine details.
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Please add an adjustable audio normalizer maybe a compressor too, ASIO low latency00