Profiles not working correctly on SQL
I recently moved my sources from a 6TB networked USB drive to a wonderful new Synology NAS, and as I was pootling around found I could install phpMyAdmin and MariaDB etc and have my sources backed up on the database. 

That has all been working wonderfully using the advancedsettings.xml in the userdata folder on my android device.

Recently my brother moved back home, so I created a pair of profiles, hoping that we could have separate watch lists (hes unemployed and is steaming through shows faster than me and was messing up all my watchlists).

Unfortunately every single change made to either profile (watched/unwatched on a show or episode) copies across to the other profile. I tried to create profiles using every possible combination of settings for the Media info/Media source options (Separate, Shared, Shared read only etc), but nothing made any difference, presumably because they are using the same database.

I could resolve this by using the <name> parameter and putting a different advancedsettings.xml in each of the profile folders, this would create two separate databases, the problem being, that both would need to be scanned whenever anything new is added to the sources. 

Finally my question; Is it possible to make the profiles share the same DB for the sources, but use different DBs for the watched/unwatched list data?
The simple answer is 'no', I'm afraid. Kodi is (still) a single user application, so if you want separate watched statuses and resume points, you will need separate databases.
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Okay thanks for the info, just wanted to check I hadn't missed anything in the documentation, appreciate the reply!
Take a look at this thread:
(2019-09-11, 03:33)trogggy Wrote: Take a look at this thread:

Interesting thank you!
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Profiles not working correctly on SQL00