Android Shield and the official Android controller
I've read of posts of the "game controller" not being recognized in newer builds of Kodi.  I ran into a weird one and haven't found much via the googles....

Since the latest Shield release... Kodi 18.4 - doesn't recognize the android on-screen controller.  up/down/left/right/select center button doesn't work.  Now - I can go in and map the keys as a game controller, and for that session the configuration will stick.  Once I exit Kodi, the configuration appears to get wiped and I can no longer control Kodi until doing a remap session.

I would rather use the android remote - it's just so much more handy than trying to find the official remote lying around.  Let me know if there's anything I can do to get the maps at least to stay permanent...
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Shield and the official Android controller00