v18 Recording HD version of broadcasts in preference to SD.
I have been experimenting with setting autorecords with no channel (i.e. so a programme is not tied to any particular channel).

The upside of this is that as programmes pop up all over the numerous channels, they are recorded as they become available.

The downside seems to be that I have lost the ability to dictate whether a recording is made in HD or not.

The TVH forum confirms that going into the "stream" tab and choosing prefer HD from the dropdown box should sort this out.

In practice, however, it has not worked so well so far.

The occasional schedule is made on an HD channel but the vast majority seem to be only taking place on HD channels.

Particularly odd is recordings that are shown on the Channel 4 network - everything seems to be recorded on Channel 4+1 only (i.e. Channel 4 and Channel 4 HD seem to be ignored).

It would be great to hear from anyone else on the subject.
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Recording HD version of broadcasts in preference to SD.00