Kodi 18.4 on Raspbian Buster crash under X11 desktop
Hi all
I just compiled Kodi 18.4 on Raspbian Buster, from popcornmix leia_pi4 github branch, with GBM + OpenGLES + MMAL and everything seems to work just fine, but only if I start it from a virtual terminal. If I start it from the Desktop (LXDE), Kodi crashes and the screen goes black. I believe this is expected due to how GBM works, i just wanted a confirmation.
Here is the crashlog:

2019-09-13 15:26:51.756 T:2972720432 WARNING: CDRMUtils::InitDrm - failed to set drm master, will try to authorize instead: Permission denied
2019-09-13 15:26:51.758 T:2972720432 ERROR: CDRMUtils::InitDrm - failed to authorize drm magic: Permission denied

Afaik this is expected because Xorg has the master while running and there can be only one master.
However I would consider this crash a BUG, Kodi shouldn't crash but exit with error code.
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Kodi 18.4 on Raspbian Buster crash under X11 desktop00