Pi 4 - Netflix Addon 720p vs. 1080p
Hi there,

i have an Pi 4 with 4 GB and LE 9.1.501 (Beta1).

I installed the latest Netflix Addon with inputstream adaptive (both latest versions 0.15.2 and 2.3.22)

If i go to settings with 720p software decode every video file works fine.
If i change to 1080p (PI 4 has enough power) i get regularly frame drops and black screens for few seconds.

My Whitelist has 1080p 60, 50 and 23.98 Hz entrys.

Anyone else with same problems?

Log with 1080p inputstream.adaptive (doesnt work)


Log with 720p inputstream.adaptive (work)


nobody with this problem?

Here is a video....


So you can see no black screens with 720p (beginning) i switch to 1080p (Minute 01:55) and geht black screens regularly.

No idea why ....
The Netflix add on relies on software, not hardware, decoding because of the DRM required.  It is likely that the frame drops when you try to watch 1080p streams is due to the CPU running out of processing power running the code as implemented.  

The way Netflix DRM is handled on ARM platforms in Kodi, under Linux, means that it can't use hardware acceleration.

but Pi 4 has enough power. I overcloked it in addition to that to 2 Ghz.

It is strange because 1080p streams were working a few weeks ago.

You're gonna need a processor that can handle the software decoding and streaming of 1080p video. I had an Amlogic S905 clocked at 1.8Ghz with 2GB of RAM and it dropped frames all the time in the Netflix addon. Even though if you used the native Netflix app or website on the device it played perfectly. I upgraded to an Intel N4200 and J4105 that have burst speeds up 2.5Ghz and 4-8GB of RAM and dropped frames were no more. Any addon using Inputstream is gonna need a "nice" CPU for 1080p streaming.

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Pi 4 - Netflix Addon 720p vs. 1080p0
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