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(2020-11-08, 22:57)fritsch Wrote: Everything. Yes, from kodi pov for sure: Go to Audio settings, set them to Fixed, choose 5.1 and e.g. 48 khz. With the "fixed" setting everything will be put out as 5.1 pcm from kodi, channels not existing  are filled with zeroes. E.g. if you play a stereo 2.0 stream with "Fixed", kodi will output FL+FR and LFE, SL, SR are getting zero samples. Obviously under the box we still rely on AudioTrack / Android firmware doing the right thing.

If your question was not really "always" bust mostly, plain disable Passthrough and kodi itself will only output PCM audio.

Setting to fixed works great!

When I just disable passthrough, the fire cube decides to output dd+ 2.0. But if I put fixed and 7.1, then it outputs lpcm 7.1 (I understand that many of those are muted channels if the track doesn’t contain them)

Thanks for the help. It might be the best solution for me as it outputs multichannel and there is no lag or delay. My amp isn’t high end either, so letting the cube decode is more than fine.

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