File List Verical Scroll Bar - Ignore Action If Not Enough Items To Use
Windows 7
Kodi Gotham 13.2

When you are in any kind of file list there is an ability to assign an action (usually left or right arrow) that allows you to access the vertical scroll bar to scroll up and down a file list. I see there is a way to hide this scroll bar if there are not enough items in the list for it to be used. By any chance is there a way to ignore the action (for example say hitting the Left arrow) so that if there aren't enough files in the list that this action will just not be performed?

At the moment in the skin that I am working on if you hit the LEFT arrow and there aren't enough files in the list for the vertical scroll bar to be used it just focuses on nothing and then you have to hit the RIGHT arrow to go back into the file list. Just wondering if this LEFT arrow action can be ignored if there aren't enough files for the vertical scroll bar to used.

Not a huge deal, but would like to fix if something like this can be achieved.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.
Thank You
You might have trawl through the various skin changes threads to see whether it was available in Gotham or not but if so <onleft condition="xxx">...</onleft> is your answer.
Thank You very much for your response

I am sorry my knowledge of editing skins isn't great.
Is this the actual command that I will drop into the xml file?
<onleft condition="xxx">...</onleft>
or are the "xxx" and the "..."   placeholders for other information that needs to be added / updated?

Thank You again
You mentioned to try the following code....
<onleft condition="xxx">...</onleft>

Forgot to mention that I tried this out by doing the following but nothing I tried ended up working...

I went into my Filemanager.xml file
In the file list group tag
I have <onleft>70</onleft>
Which means that my left action opens up 70 which is the ID for my vertical scrollbar
I tried the following
<onleft condition="xxx">70</onleft>
<onleft condition="true">70</onleft>
<onleft condition="false">70</onleft>
As mentioned none of which worked, can someone tell me if I am doing this correctly?
As I asked, I am not sure if the "xxx" part of the code you provided is a placeholder or part of the actual code?
I tried to do some searches but when you have something like "xxx" in your search, the results you get can be ummmm, distracting Smile

If anyone has any info to share please let me know
Thanks Again
You'll need to use a condition in place of xxx.

eg Integer.IsGreaterOrEqual(info,number) where info is something like Container(id).NumItems
Thank You for your response, still a bit complicated to me, when I have some more time I will try this out some more.
I have a lot of things going on in my life at the moment, was hoping to distract myself a little with something I was hoping was a simple fix.
I was thinking this was just a simple piece of coding that I could just copy and paste into my xml file, but it does not appear to be the case.
Seems like it would be a standard coding used by many, to just ignore the scroll bar if files list does not exceed the height of screen.
Anyways, like I said I will have to come back to this someday when things calm down a bit and I have a little more time and focus to work on it.
Thank you again for sticking with me on this, if I get this to work in the future I will try to remember to come back here and share the results just in case others are interested in this in the future.
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