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Game Controller Button Mapping - Analog Sticks
Game Controller = PS3 Controller

Analog Joysticks Left and Right
These joysticks have an "axis" type of programming to them.
Is there some kind of way that you can change this for example keep the Right stick as is with the axis control but say engage some kind of setting with the Left stick to make it so a tap of the left stick fully up, down, left, right can each be assigned to a hotkey as if they were simple basic button pushes?

If anyone has any information about these questions, please let me know.
Thank You

I am currently using an older version of Kodi which is Gotham 13.2 (Windows 7)
(my reason is I was working on a skin for this a long time ago, I eventually plan on updating this skin to be compatible with newer versions of Kodi but until I have the time to do this, this is the version I am currently using)
Was hoping someone would have ran into this in the past.
In Kodi I tend not to need both analog sticks (I just use one analog stick for volume adjusting up and down) so I was hoping to get this to work in order to give some more buttons to map to.  As mentioned they toggle so fast that they are unusable for button mapping.

Still interested if anyone has any ideas.
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