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Game Controller Button Mapping - Triggers With Pressure Sensitivity
Game Controller = PS3 Controller

L2 and R2 Trigger Buttons
These buttons are pressure sensitive meaning they have similar "axis" type controls as the two analog joysticks found on the controller.
If you assign something like the keyboard hotkey linked to the "tab" key where it toggles you in and out of say watching a video, it rapidly goes in and out of the video full screen view with no control.
Is there some kind of setting within older versions of Kodi that can allow you to treat these two trigger buttons L2 and R2 as basic buttons and be able to assign simple basic button pushes to hotkeys?

If anyone has any information about these questions, please let me know.
Thank You

I am currently using an older version of Kodi which is Gotham 13.2 (Windows 7)
(my reason is I was working on a skin for this a long time ago, I eventually plan on updating this skin to be compatible with newer versions of Kodi but until I have the time to do this, this is the version I am currently using)
Strange thing is I have my Left Trigger L2 set to toggle music and video playlists and it works fine, I don't get a fast uncontrolled toggle like I do with R2 being set to toggle video fullscreen mode.

Not sure if this makes sense but do the playilst screens have some kind of pause when loading so the command is not being received so quickly?
Can something like this be applied to the video fullscreen toggle?

May have something to do with the animation set to the playlist?
Not sure, I tested it out on other things such as my Video OSD by changing the hotkey to open and close that but it does the same uncontrolled fluttering toggle.
My Video OSD contains an animation but maybe it is not as long as the one set to the playlist?

Again just an idea, this may not be it, still interested if anyone has any info to share.
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