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Game Controller Button Mapping - PS3 Sync Button
Game Controller = PS3 Controller

PS3 Sync Button (button located in the center of the controller similar to the XBOX 360 controller button found in the center of that controller)
This button has a built in function I believe of syncing the controller to a PS3 game console.
Somewhere on a forum someone mentioned to me something about being able to use this button as a keymappable (what?) button where you can assign an action within Kodi to it.  I have tried this out and have had no success, does anyone know if this is possible?  I don't think it is possible to override its programmed purpose of syncing to PS3.

If anyone has any information about these questions, please let me know.
Thank You

I am currently using an older version of Kodi which is Gotham 13.2 (Windows 7)
(my reason is I was working on a skin for this a long time ago, I eventually plan on updating this skin to be compatible with newer versions of Kodi but until I have the time to do this, this is the version I am currently using)
Surprised that no one else has ever run into this.
Turns out when I hit the button it does not try to connect like it did in the past where all the four lights blink.
Within Windows it just calls up a little XBOX logo dialog box and within Kodi it does nothing.

I just hate to have a free button available on my controller and not be able to make use of it, I need all the extra buttons I can get.
Even worse that PS3 button is all clear and shiny compared to all the other buttons, and it just sits there right in the center of the controller mocking me, thinking it's too good to be used, what a jerk!  Smile
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Game Controller Button Mapping - PS3 Sync Button00