Android Kodi 18.4 timeouts/freezing when playing video from smb share
I'm having trouble playing videos from my smb share. Selecting the file freezes the whole app for about a minute. After that it's still a gamble if the file will be played or not.
Sometimes it gets played after reselecting it, sometimes I'll have to browse to another folder forcing another timeout until I can play the same or another video. It's just weird.
Same behavior with a freshly installed Kodi 18.2. I don't get it. The credentials are correct.
My setup: Fritz!Box as NAS and a FireTV 4K running the latest Kodi 18.4 (18.2 for testing).

Here's the log:
What I don't get is the permission denied error, since I can browse my shared folders perfectly.

I've no problems browsing and playing those files with the same credentials using VLC on my FireTV 4K or my Windows 10 machine.
Any help would be appreciated!
Yeah, I have the same issue.  I was playing a 1080p video and it kept freezing while watching a movie on my smb.  I never had the issue while using 18.3 so I believe the signal strength is strong enough.
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