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Android Windows Media Video 9 Screen / Playback Issues

I have a weird playback issue. For some time now I've noticed that a few of the videos I have in my media library (all ripped from either HD / UHD blu rays) don't play very well with Kodi. Depending on the severity, the video is choppy, looks slow, alternates between too slow and too fast, etc. Also there are audio sync issues where the sound is off for a few seconds and sometimes catches up but still isn't quite uniform in terms of delay.

I've looked at the properties for all the files I've noticed the issue with so far and realize they have one thing in common; the video codec which is listed as Windows Media 9 Screen. Is there any advice anyone can give me to solve the issues.

I'm watching on the following:
Nvidia Shield TV Pro (P2571)
Kodi 18.4 GIT:20190831
Shield SW Version 8.00 (

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