v18 Change naming for singel season/absolute order TV shows
Hello. In the "All seasons" view for TV Shows the default display naming is SxExx episode title.name and if you select Season 1 the naming changes to Exx episode title.name. This is all fine and good but.
When you only have one season or use absolute ordering the default naming used is "all seasons" is there anyway i can change it so i don't have the Sxx in singel season or absolute tv shows?
Hello i've been trying to figure this out myself by going through the skin code im not that great at understanding it.

But im guessing the reason S1E01 shows up on absolute and singel season shows is because its coded that way since im not in the "episodes container"

is there any way i can change this via the skin xml files?
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Change naming for singel season/absolute order TV shows00