compiling nextpvr addon for win64
Im in the process of trying to make some updates to this addon to submit for my own pull request on git, but im having issues just getting the addon compiled as-is. I'm able to clone and cmake build everything successfully and then build the solution but the resulting dll is triggering an error in kodi for not a valid win32 application. Ive tried the tools/windows bat file edit for visual studio win64 and ive also tried making sure i was setup for an x64 configuration in visual studio.

Im new to trying to build addons and im an experienced dev so i have a good idea what im doing, but obviously theres something im missing. Im currently now following the kodi build guides to just see if i can get kodi itself built and running on x64 win10 as im hoping i just dont have a proper dev environment setup for tha ddon to build into x64.

you choose x64 in the cmake step, cmake -G "Visual Studio nn Win64"
(2019-09-24, 21:58)spiff Wrote: you choose x64 in the cmake step, cmake -G "Visual Studio nn Win64"

i had seen a reference to that in a random post i found while researching the issue but it was about changing a file to use Win64. It didnt occurr to me to do that during the actual cmake step. I did so and voila no more win32 error, so super thanks to you! Now im just getting an incompatible API version error which is hopefully an easy fix once i find out where to set that.

Thanks again
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compiling nextpvr addon for win6400