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Need help altering skin.helper.widgets
I figured this was a good place to ask this

I'm trying to change the episodes.py file in skin.helper.widgets so it will return unaired episodes for all shows in my library, not just those that are in-progress.  i thought removing
from line 215 might do the trick but no dice.  I tried removing a few other lines that set limits but still wind up with only results for in-progress shows.  Can anyone point me in the right direction, i'm just not seeing where the show list is being filtered by in-progress
I did try as well to set
on line 206 and remove all the if statements but that didn't change the results.  I'm not sure what this line is doing 
tvshows_ids = [d['tvshowid'] for d in all_shows]
Ok, I think I got it, for anyone who may want to do this I got rid of the filters as described above, then changed the sorting from
then set the item count in the addon settings to 250 and days ahead to 75.  pretty sure that after getting rid of the filters all that was needed was to change the item count, but I'm not going to check that
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Need help altering skin.helper.widgets00