Searching for Kodi 19 on google
When I search google for kodi 19, 3 videos on "kodi boxes" are listed. Then 3 kodi box articles. The 4th result is an actual link to the community forum. It's just gross. Why does the search engine think those hackboxes are more relevant than the creators website?!
That's a question only google can answer. Anyway, if I use that search term, the KodiTV website is the first result.
#3 comes up first. OP, do you have ad blocking software? If not, you may be seeing ads for Kodi Boxes.
google is personalizing search results - so if you searched for those boxes once, you might get those results with higher priority. Could also be influenced by regional search results - so if your region/country is searching for those quite frequently, it could affect your results and not the ones in other countries.
One way of getting your post count up I suppose.

Firstly if you type in Kodi 19 you will come to so Kodi is page 1 listing number 1

What you are seeing is recommended youtube videos, this is not search engine results. You will often get recommended youtube videos on a lot of google searches, also news and other links.

You are using a word that is not associated with Kodi but it does come into the blog as updates, so instead of finding the main page, you will come across one of their pages that contain Kodi 19.

If I went out and brought a domain name called Kodi19 the chances are that I might be able to get that in the top 10 using SEO (Search engine optimisation) within a few hours.

If you do a search for Kodi waste of time, but I replied anyway posts. If Google does a deep dive on forum pages, then you will come across this thread.

It all depends on what you type into a search engine, which will bring up different results, your search term was not for a major word associated with Kodi.
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