Req Central location for all art (in separate folders per type)
is there a way to set up kodi (and any addons) to use a central location for every type of art? IE.. I know there's a way to do this with movie posters but how about being able to do this for all types of art such as Actor's & Actresses, Directors, ect..., fanart, posters, backgrounds, ect...

not only would this maybe speed things up a little bit (as kodi would know where to go for said art) but it would also TREMENDOUSLY help people that have 500+ movies in their libraries (I myself have 1500+) and if those movies happen to have the same actor/actress you would only need one copy of the image instead of multiple copies of the one actor/actress from each movie.  yeah the file size maybe small for each image but it really add up fast when you have 40+ copies when you only need 1.
So you are saying that you would like to add to this request that has been around for over 5 years:  153297 (thread)
If you use a media manager it's already possible to have a central folder for actors - it's been an option in Media Companion for a few years.
@zebraitis Yeah sorry I thought I searched and couldn't find it but hey at least now it's a recent request to bring it to Team Kodi's Attention once again as something we are all still waiting on.

@trogggy Thanks for the info I didn't know that. I don't use a media manager but I will try now.
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Central location for all art (in separate folders per type)00