v18 TV-Shows local information not scanned remotely
I have set up TV-shows in separate folders under common directory on local disk and added local information (using tinymediamanager).
I added the local directory and configured the video source as "TV shows" / "Local information only".
All shows in sub folders are being parsed and  can be played.
I then moved the shows to a Nas Storage accessed by SMB.
When I configure Kodi to parse the shoes at that location, no shows are found :-(
I change the information provider to "The Movie Database" and the shows are found, so it can not be an issue of access rights.
When I specify a Source to exactly one TV show folder, the show is parsed using the local information provided.

My impression: Remote folders containing multiple TV shows in individual sub folders are not scanned correctly / recursively
whereas they are being processed / scanned correctly when folder is local.

Is this a known issue?
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TV-Shows local information not scanned remotely00