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v17 External drives do not appear through Kodi's web interface
Hi all.

I've sought a long time, believing I missed something but in the end I can't find what I could have done wrong: I don't see in Kodi's web interface any external disk drive that I've plugged into the USB ports of my Kodi installation. I have installed LibreElec with Kodi 17.6 on a Giada N20. I essentially manage Kodi remotely using its web interface from a computer connected to the same network. I have a couple of USB keys & drives that I'd like to plug in and browse remotely without having to power on the TV set and browse from there. So far I haven't found any other way. I know I can add the disk as a new source but I'd prefer not to.

Can browsing external disks through the web interface be done at all? Or is this restriction by design?

Thanks a lot in advance.
same issue here with coreelec..
if you install my addon yarc it might work if add the device after pluging in to favorites. after that (as soon it's pluged in and mounted) you can browse it. it's a bit of a hack but it should at least work.
if you prefer the default interface, you still can have it as default and open yarc in a seperate tab/window. got to http://"youKodi":"port"/addons to get an overview and links to all webinterfaces you have.
Check out my plugin yarc, it's a web-remote optimised for all screen sizes (especially touch and small screen).
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External drives do not appear through Kodi's web interface00