Navigating bug in Music Library with Kodi Remote v1.5.7
I've found a navigating/query bug in Kodi Remote v1.5.7.

I'm navigating the music library through the following steps:

"Music" - "Genres" - Select genre "Acid House" - Select album "Anywayawanna".
After these steps I see four songs. However only two have the tag 'Acid House'!
So apparently Kodi Remote queries the Kodi Music Library only for songs from the album and not with the pre-selected genre 'Acid House'.

To visualise what I'm doing:  

When I do this in Kodi the results are the two songs from the album with the genre 'Acid House'.
This path is shown in picture below.

These are the tags off all songs (within my Singles collection) from the album 'Anywayawanna':

When navigating through the music library through ''Genre" and then 'Album' within Kodi Remote the query results contains only the last selection (album = 'Anywayawanna').
It should contain the last selection AND the previous one (album = 'Anywayawanna' AND genre='Acid House').
Doing exactly this in KODI (instead with Kodi Remote) works perfectly, so it's a 'bug' in Kodi Remote.

So I am hoping I explained what goes wrong... And that this can get fixed in an update of Kodi Remote.

PS. I would even prefer to have directly the list of songs with the given 'genre' instead of a list of Albums-with-songs-with-the-given-genre.
Or even better the option (filter) to change this behaviour. And this would also make sense for KODI.
(A song-centric approach instead of an album-centric approach)
Any thoughts on this thread?
(2019-10-27, 21:52)eagle72 Wrote: Any thoughts on this thread?


Or is the Kodi Remote App not maintained?
It's been quite a while since you first posted. Let's ping the developer @joethefox and hopefully he will see your posts. He hasn't been around for quite a while.
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Navigating bug in Music Library with Kodi Remote v1.5.70
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