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[RELEASE] One Manga (Picture) Plugin
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If you like to read Manga then here you go.

Manga & Xbmc - what a wonderful world.

Once the images are loaded.

Run the first image.

Up=Zoom in
down = zoom out
right trigger = next page
left trigger = previous page
Thanks for this. Big Grin

I noticed it didn't work with the current setup of One Manga so I updated the code. I also added an option to check the most recent updates. The code needs a serious clean-up but it works for me.

Note: Listing the images in a chapter will take a bit. Since One Manga has one image per page, the script has to scan each page to find it. (Might be able to do some intelligent filename interpolation to speed this up.)

One Manga picture plugin
Thanks a lot!

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works great! but i cant zoom =[
Dudu.exe Wrote:works great! but i cant zoom =[

What platform are you on? I've only tested it on the xbox. Also, are you able to zoom when viewing other pictures?

[RELEASE] One Manga (Picture) Plugin00