Worth upgrading to RPi4 from RPi2?
Hi, I'm running Kodi on an RPi2 B and I'm having huge issues with files encoded with HEVC, in other words they are unplayable no matter bitrate they's chopping the picture by 2 seconds. Does anyone have issues with any standard 1080p/i files using an RPi4, maybe I'd even dare to ask about 4K vids? Or is there any widely available HW in a similar price range? All I want is sooth video replay and gigabit net.
The RPi2 was never intended for or capable of doing HEVC videos, but on the RPi3B+ with plenty of tricks it was possible upto a certain level.

The RPi4 is capable of doing HEVC videos, but the development of Kodi and its underlying OS'es (LibreELEC, Raspbian) is still ongoing. The RPi4 is quite a new product, and software has only recently entered the beta stage.
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from power and such Yes. Pi4 is great.
BUT the Support for it is ,sorry no offence, crap.
Keep that in mind.
It's more that it's still very much a work in progress, as the changes between the Pi3b+ to the Pi4 (and in the firmwares and from Raspbian Stretch to Raspbian Buster) are quite sizable. Things are being worked on, but it's not an overnight process.
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Using a Pi4 with the latest LibreElec beta, running Kodi, TVHeadEnd, multiple TV tuners, on 24x7 and it is working pretty much flawlessly. Just connected by HDMI to a 1080p TV.

If that's crap support, I'll take it!
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