v18 Which skin was that?
I am lost. I had a skin on my former Raspberry Pi setup which had a cool feature in my eyes and I can't remember what skin that was. Maybe someone can help me when I describe it....

When you are at the home screen and selected an entry i.e. movies or TV shows, it didn't jump into the list directly, it first opened some sort of prescreen, on the left we had a widget which rotated recommended movies or random movies on the right side was a vertical list with all movies, recently added, continue watching, recommended, actors, collections and so on. It had a clean and square look.

I really can't remember which skin it was. Someone got any idea?
Maybe it was Embuary? 2634006 (post)
(2019-10-09, 03:58)shedrock Wrote: Maybe it was Embuary? 2634006 (post)

No, it was not Embuary. That's the problem. Unity also not. Eminence is close to the look I remind, and maybe it was Eminence in an older version, but its missing this preview/widget style when you press movies now. Sometimes I hate it when I delete old systems and don't write down stuff I like to recreate them later. >_<

Maybe it was the custum hubs function of Arctic Zephyr or AZ Leia Mod?
It seems eminent 2.

It looks like this:


Sorry for the duplicity, I couldn't delete it.
It is Eminence 2...while playing around I found out what happened that I did not have the original look of Eminence 2 with the default hubs when you press movies, shows and so on. I edited the main menu in Unity right after a clean install and removed unnecessary stuff, but that broke it when I switched to Eminence 2 and Eminence 2 MOD. So I had to manual restore the behavior of Eminence 2 menu entries. My favorite skin right even before Unity (Even when Unity has the one or other thing, that I like more. Wink)
And thanks everyone for the efforts. (Sad you can't edit posts.)
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