xbmc on secondary screen (dual screen)

I am quite new to xbmc and am looking at switching from MP to xbmc. I am faced with a problem on my system.

I have a monitor and a projector. I use dual screen. The monitor is the main screen and the projector is the secondary screen.

I cant manage to have xbmc work on my secondary screen. When looking at resolutions through xbmc i cant see those for my projector. If i open xbmc in window mode and then move it to my secondary display, xbmc doesnt refresh itself anymore. I use nvidia control panel to set my dual screen.
I dont know if i have to change anything in nvidia control panel or if i have to tweak xbmc config files.

Can anyone help?
I dont know what the problem is but i have similar problems. I think nvidias OpenGL drivers just plainly SUCK in windows Sad
Or maybe its a problem with glew or SDL or xbmc.
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It has nothing to do with opengl which doesnt deal with screens. I do think it has something to do with SDL. But it might just be a configuration problem as i know a lot of people have it working.
On a dual screen configuration, there is a setting on the nvidia control panel that allows you to make sure video also gets reflected on the secondary screen. Google ...
ok thanks VortexICS, i ll look into it Wink
Im also interested in this.

i dont think reflecting video to second screen would help as most likely he wants xbmc's interface on the second screen as well

if only there was a way to tell xbmc to run on the secondary display adapter. Media portal has this option in the General Section of the Configuration.
i didnt manage to put it fullscreen on the secondary screen.
I ended putting my secondary screen as the main screen and lauching xbmc with -f
I'd like to see this in a future build as well. Running XBMC and the ability to browe the net on the other screen simultaniously is mandatory! Talking about multitasking and all this.. Wink

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