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I'm using TMM to scrape TV shows Kodi won't recognise. When I use themoviedb as my source the <episodeguide> tag is still being written with thetvdb episode guide URL. My Kodi scraper is the (default) metadata.tvshows.themoviedb.org.
The TV show is not scraped by Kodi and an error is written to Kodi saying there is no episode guide. When I then manually edit the NFO file change it to the moviedb episode guide the TV show is scraped correctly by Kodi.

Is adding the tvdb guide to moviedb scraped NFOS a bug? I know I can create NFOs each individual episode so there is an easy workaround I'm just curious.

The relevant part of the TMM (v 3.0.5) NFO (deleted API key and ID):

    <url cache="auth.json" post="yes">https://api.thetvdb.com/login?{"apikey":"","id":}|Content-Type=application/json</url>

I can write NFOs for each episode or simply change tvshow.nfo to this to get it to work with Kodi:

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