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Apologies if this should have been filed elsewhere - seemed relevant only to addon development. 

On a lot of open source projects people like to use badges from the website, and other places I'm sure, to put relevant information about their project front and center. One thing I liked to keep on top of the README file for addons I work on is minimum Kodi version compatibility so that people know right off the bat when looking at the code repository on Github. I often have different branches too that maintain different levels of compatibility. I thought it would be really cool to have a badge that could automatically pull this in like it does for other information. 

Below is a link to what I came up with. It's a simple PHP script that uses the json endpoint syntax to generate a Kodi Addon badge. By putting in your repo information it will read in the addon.xml file of your addon and generate a badge showing the minimum supported Kodi version it will support. This is done based on the compatibility matrix from the Kodi wiki. There are a couple options as well. You can show all compatible versions or only the minimum compatible versions. For examples see the README of the repo. 

I'm using this right now on a few addons that I maintain pretty regularly. It seems to work well. Check it out "in the wild" for the Backup and Library Updater addon pages. If anyone has a more permanent place to host it please PM me as I'm open to ideas. I have it running on a private server at the moment but don't want a lot of traffic hitting it as my ISP will likely start to question what's up. Hopefully a few people find this as useful as I did, was fun to put together even if I'm the only one. 

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