Kodi and remote controls...
Hi, I am brand new to Kodi.  I am about to install it on an Intel NUC with LibreElec.  My questions are:

1. Can every function in Kodi be controlled with a remote control (as opposed to a keyboard and mouse)?  By "every function" I mean selecting and launching videos and using add-ons like BBC iPlayer.  (I understand that configuring Kodi will require a mouse/keyboard).
2. Can I configure LibreElec to auto-login and auto launch Kodi?  My hope here is that after a power interruption, the unit will restart and Kodi will launch.

Thanks in advance for any nuggets of wisdom you can toss my way.

1) Kodi was designed to be used with a remote, although using a keyboard and mouse is possible (for the most part).

2) LibreELEC has only one main application: Kodi, which will start on startup. Normally using the suspend option should work, but "YMMV" per machine.
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